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GrowTropics Hair Growth Mist

GrowTropics Hair Growth Mist

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Experience beautiful, nourished hair with GrowTropics' all-natural mist crafted from vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Enjoy tropical waters and pineapple, spinach, and clove extracts to bring your hair to its full potential and transform it into a lush oasis. Get nourished with GrowTropics and let your hair truly flourish! 🌴❤️

Growtropics offers the ultimate solution to your hair growth needs. Our unique blend of natural ingredients nurture hair follicles and promote healthy growth, giving you the nourishment you need to take your mane to the next level. With Growtropics, you can finally experience the luxurious locks you've been dreaming of.

GrowTropics is an exclusive solution for nourishing and strengthening your hair. A few sprays and daily massages are all you need to take advantage of the powerful blend of natural ingredients, offering ultimate protection against environmental damage and breakage. Perfectly paired with Sprout Growth or Covered Growth Protection Serum, GrowTropics is the first step towards sumptuous, glossy hair.💎

Ingredients : aqua, spinach, pineapple, apple extract, Cloves, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Ginger essential oil, Glycerin, fragrance, citric acid & natural preservative

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